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On Thursday, Nicholas and I went to the doctor for a routine ultrasound and heard the words no parent wants to hear. "The baby doesn't have a heartbeat." I had worried incessantly about this pregnancy from the beginning and had been expecting to hear those words at every doctor's visit. At first, this seemed to help relieve some of the shock. However, it is doing nothing to help with the overwhelming grief. 

For those of you who have already reached out to us, your love and sympathy are so deeply appreciated. We will be moving forward with the next step medically this week and dealing with our broken hearts for much longer. 


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{Guest Post} Just Yesterday

LaDonna A. Pitman has shared this beautiful reflection on her mother with us. We are so grateful. 

It was there on that growing  Spring day, as I ran toward the river as I have time and time again,

That grief once more knocked on my door.

I touch every flower and tree that dared to rear it’s brilliant colorful head over into the sidewalk line.

Caressing the soft beauty of God’s creation and catching the smell of seasonal elegance,

All the while thinking of how you will never do that again.

The wind whipped all around me as I felt the peaceful cool that a Spring wind brings and normally it would wrap me up and make me feel safe, but not today…

Grief came today.

I heard the birds from every direction, singing a melody of good cheer for the presence of the sun that showed it’s wondrous face,

But instead of humming along, I remembered how you loved the birds and that your ears will never hear the whippoorwill as it sings “good morning” to the world.

And grief found me.

I ran harder, trying to outrun the darkness that I sometimes can elude, but as I gazed at the bluest of blue skies, laced with stratus cotton,

I could out run it no more.

I let grief run beside me, welcoming the memory of your face and how you laughed at the yellow dandelions that I crushed with my feet.

I thanked God for the beauty and questioned him under the same breath… and grief stayed with me all the while.

It was there, on this day that grief found me, as it often does, that I know it will never leave

…..and I succumb.

LaDonna A. Pitman, a long time resident of Paducah, Kentucky, enjoys her career as a healthcare provider, but also is a devoted wife and mother. She, along with her husband Jay, enjoy the ups and downs of everyday life with their blended family. LaDonna has made a commitment to share "The Truth" about everyday life in the 21st century, including; co Parenting, blended families, grief, and marriage.


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Image by The Lovely Cupboard

Chic but cheap art from The Lovely Cupboard.

What a happy cake.

Alice in Wonderland never looked sweeter.

The hot (pink) seat.

Make a splash this summer.

Interesting connection between privacy and freedom of creativity.

~ The Other Sarah