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Sarah's Favorite Things


{Review} U-Bee-Well™


You know we love mom entrepreneurs here at Salt & Nectar. We love to see moms going out on their own with a business they're passionate about and dream to inspire. The only thing we love more is the products these passionate moms produce.

So, when I found out my dear friend Barbara Gettes recently launched a new lip balm line called U-Bee-Well™, I was totally excited for her and couldn't wait to try out the lip balm. THEN, I heard Anthropolgie was carrying her lip balm and she was making 10,000 to fill Birchboxes in the fall and I was like I WANT TO TRY THAT BALM!

I'm not a huge fan of lip balm. I always feel like my lips are little worse off after I've used. Then, I need more lip balm and that is what we call a vicious cycle. 

Not U-Bee-Well™ - made with five simple ingredients beeswax, olive oil, lavendar, tee tree oil, a little bit of honey - this lip balm is unlike any I've ever tried. Smooth. Nourishing. And SERIOUSLY long-lasting.

Even better? We've all heard of the problems with colony collapse disorder in bees nationwide and U-Bee-Well™ has partnered with the Philly Bee Guild so that every balm purchased saves a bee!

I'll let Barb tell you the rest!

~ Sarah Stewart Holland


The Everyday

~ Sarah Stewart Holland


Summer List: Paducah Edition

I love summer lists. First of all, you all know I'm a completist so I love to check things off. It goes beyond that though. I love the intention of mapping out what fun you want to have before summer slips away.

Today I'm on herKentucky with the Paducah edition of a summer list. So go check out the essential activities to a fun summer in Paducah!


Sarah's Favorite Things

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